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3 Ways to Answer the Age-Old Question: Does This ACTUALLY Fit Me?

How to find your fit

If you’re at risk of a wardrobe malfunction every time you bend over to pick up your pen, then it might be time to reevaluate your work wardrobe. You’ve got a lot to focus on at work, and adjusting your clothing shouldn’t be distracting you from your to-do list. But before you swipe your credit card and take your new clothes home, try these three fit tests to ensure you correctly find your fit.

1. Try the “steering wheel” test 

You’ve just spotted the perfect new blazer—but it’s the only one left and it’s one size too small. Like a true style veteran, though, you slip it on—cuts are never the same from brand to brand, right? 

Our advice? First check to see if the blazer slips on without a battle. Once you’ve got it on, try the steering wheel test: hold both hands in front of you like you’re holding a steering wheel. Then, turn your imaginary steering wheel to each side. Can you do it comfortably? Or, does the jacket feel too tight along your back and shoulders?

If the blazer is too snug or you hear seams snapping while “steering,” exchange it for the next size up. It’s frustrating at the moment but, in reality, you’ll likely wear that blazer once, feel less than your best self and relegate it to the back of your wardrobe. 

2. Check your blouse buttons

Chances are you’ve already encountered a sad truth: not all women’s workwear is created equally in the chest department. Many women can’t button up a blouse without getting those pesky gaps in between each button. Size up too much, though, and you’ll wind up swimming in your top—and that’s not power dressing, either. 

If you’re shopping and spot a button-up, make sure you try it on and button it all the way. If you spot gaps between the buttons, don’t convince yourself it “just needs a little stretch” or commit to the half-button/half-cami look. Instead, go up a size and try again. 

3. Take a bow

In a professional environment, low-cut tops and dresses are a non-starter. To ensure your top or dress doesn’t get you in trouble or make you self-conscious while you're at work, try the bow test first. 

Stand in front of a mirror and take a bow—think as if you’re grabbing something off the office floor. Is any part of your bra visible? Can you see your cleavage? If you said yes to either, your top is not appropriate for work. 

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