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7 Changes That Will Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

How to improve your LinkedIn profile

With almost 675 million members and more than 20 million open jobs posted, LinkedIn has become the ideal place for job seekers to connect with potential employers and expand their professional network. However, since it’s an online platform, the networking rules differ from those in real life, and making a good first impression doesn’t depend on things like a good handshake and wrinkle-free pants. 

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while you’re building your network and representing yourself on LinkedIn. 

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On your profile

Make Your Summary Section Count

1. Do take advantage of the Summary section--don’t simply write one sentence and call it a day. This is your chance to shine, showcase your personality, and to throw in some keywords that recruiters might be searching for (“graphic design,” “software management,” “content marketing”). Be concise yet compelling; share what motivates you, why you’re specially qualified, and always mention your special skill sets, no matter how niche they are. 

Show Your Work

2. Do share real examples of your work, don’t just talk about them! You can add external work samples to your profile to showcase the work you’re proud of. Upload documents, presentations, videos and more to show employers examples of your past work. 

Use An Appropriate Profile Photo

3. Do always use a professional headshot on your profile. Employers want to easily put a face to the name, and a high-quality photo of you will instantly build more trust. 

    Don’t Forget Your Unique Skills

    4. Don’t leave out your volunteer experiences, college activities, and special skills. If you speak a second language, include that in your profile. These seemingly minute details will set you apart from others at your level and boost your qualifications in the eyes of employers. 

    When building your network

    Keep Up With Your Industry

    5. Do share videos and blog posts that communicate the value of what you do. This will show potential employers that you keep up with the changes occurring in your industry. You can also demonstrate this by following relevant companies or figures, they will show up on the interests section of your LinkedIn profile.  

    Be Sincere

    6. Don’t immediately ask for jobs after you connect with someone new. Nothing will turn someone away more than an insincere connection. 

    Personalize Your Message

    7. Do personalize messages and connection requests. Recruiters read hundreds of messages a day, so they’ll instantly turn away from a thoughtless copy-paste message. Take time to learn about what they do, explain why you’re reaching out, and if you’ve met this person before, remind them when and where. 

    Now that we’ve covered how to improve your LinkedIn profile, you should remember that employers are looking for what you can offer their company. The key to successfully using LinkedIn is to always stay active to consistently remind people why your skills are relevant!