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How Suitably Designed the Perfect Machine Washable Women's Blazer

Getting dressed for the office can be painful—to say the least. It can also be expensive, confusing, and time-consuming. It's exactly the kind of experience that led Annabel to found Suitably, a place where women can go to uncomplicate workwear and get down to business.

Dry cleaning is an expensive hassle that many of us no longer have the time or the desire to deal with. With the way we work now unrecognizable to what it was two years ago, the way we dress for work, whether from home or in an office, is also continuously evolving. 

With most women’s blazers still dry clean only, we here at Suitably have been working to solve this problem on our overall mission to uncomplicate workwear.

To uncover why most blazers are dry clean only and learn how Suitably solved this problem with our wrinkle-resistant, machine washable 24/7 Blazer, let’s start with a little laundry lesson.

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Let’s start with the fabric -  wool. Most work-appropriate blazers are made with wool. And guess what? Wool shrinks in the washer and dryer due to the scales along the wool fiber that change shape in response to water and heat. Seems pretty ineffective to use this as a workwear fabric, right? We thought that too. 

While we love wool for its high quality and its strong structure, we use a proprietary blended that combines these important qualities of wool with a blended fabric that is wrinkle resistant fabric and that will never shrink. 

Machine washable blazer being made

Suitably's Team Doing Quality Control at Our Factory


Next, let’s dive into the structure - a lined blazer. Lined garments have multiple fabrics, which can shrink in different ways and leave a blazer puckering. Luckily, our lining is also shrink proof ensuring your blazer will look as great after years of going through the washing machine as it did when it was new. 


Third, chest pieces, which are added to blazers for structure, can become dislodged and shift out of place or become wrinkled in a washing machine. However, we designed our blazer to fall perfectly off the chest, without adding a chest piece as they can cause these headaches and more, complicating dressing for work even more.

Buy Suitably's 24/7 Blazer 


Now that we’ve learned about how our 24/7 Blazer promises to make getting dressed for work the easiest experience you’ve ever had, it’s time to say goodbye to the dry cleaners and hello to machine washing your own Suitably blazer. Remember to always wash on cold and hang your 24/7 blazer to dry. 

We’ve tested our garments over hundreds of wash cycles and good news, they always look as good as new. With life getting more busy than ever before, we know what you wear to work should be the last thing on your mind. Custom designed for your busy lifestyle, our 24/7 Blazer along with the rest of our capsule collection is the effortless foundation of your wardrobe.

While we believe we designed the perfect machine washable blazer, don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself and shop your very own 24/7 blazer today. 

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