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How to Dress for a Video Conference Call 

Style Guide for a Video Conference Call

“How do I dress for a video conference call?” This is the most common question we’ve received this month. Whether it's on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts, you'll face the same issue. We’re here to break down the video conference styling rules and provide you with industry specific tips on what to wear for video conference calls. As a general rule of thumb, no matter your industry, avoid anything too sexy or too sloppy. To be more specific avoid anything too lacey, too plunging, too distressed and too distracting. In general, no matter what industry you work in, opt for solid and bold colors over stripes, plaids or patterns. 

What to Wear for External (Client) Meetings? 

You should always dress professionally for client meetingsno exceptions. Even if your daily workwear is trending more casual during this work home period, you still need to bring your A game to client meetings and that starts with what you’re wearing.  

On the top, you can’t go wrong with a classic black blazer thrown over a simple blouse, sweater or plain white t-shirt if your office dress code is casual. You can also opt for a solid color dress to mix it up. For bottoms, you have some more versatility. You can complete the outfit with matching work pants or leggings, sweatpants and jeans are all acceptable if they are out of view. Just be cautious that you don’t stand up during the video meeting if you decide to go with a more casual bottom.  

Whether it’s your first time meeting the client or you’ve worked with them for years, it’s important to dress appropriately. Dressing well shows that you care and demonstrates attention to detail to detail. 

What to Wear for Internal (Colleague) Meetings?

What to wear to internal Zoom meetings depends entirely on which industry you work in. In general, lawyers, bankers and consultants tend to dress more conservatively than other industries and tech and startups tend to dress more casually. One overarching theme is many people abuse the word "casual" when working from home and just look sloppy. That's not good in any industry. We spoke to real women working in different industries from our community to find out how they dress for a Zoom meeting to provide you with a work from home style guide for what to wear for your video conference calls. 

Industry Specific Tips


advertising / marketing outfit

Suggested look: Pull a classic shell blouse from your wardrobe and add a loose cardigan if the blouse is sleeveless, for a comfortable easy look. 

“I’ll wear a light blue, pink, cream or navy blouse with an open cardigan over my blouse.”

“I usually wear a sheath dress with sleeves, sometimes paired with a cardigan (cropped or relaxed), this long sleeve navy shirt dress that I have or a blouse that looks polished on top since that is the piece that is most visible and I always want to look presentable no matter who the call is with.” 


Consulting work from home outuift

Suggested look: Keep it professional with a neutral blouse or crewneck sweater.

“These days it’s just a neutral blouse and yoga pants. When I was more junior, I would alternate between cardigans with a neutral colored blouse underneath and plain v neck shirts that are black or navy. I always wear yoga pants on bottom.” 

“I always wear a cardigan over a blouse or I wear a plain crewneck sweater. I never wear patterns or shirts with design details. Black leggings or jeggings on bottom all day long.” 

Consumer Packaged Goods: 

CPG work from home outfit

Suggested look: Blouses and t-shirt are both acceptable but skip a step and leave your jacket in the closet. Accessorize with a necklace and/or earrings. 

“Typically I wear the same blouse I would wear to the office, but without a jacket. Many of my colleagues have embraced a more casual look and have been wearing t-shirts.” 

“I love to wear a loose fitting button down. I feel it keeps me looking polished on top for any video conference I might have."


Design work from home outfit

Suggested look: Embrace your mood with sweats if you are feeling cozy or your favorite t-shirt and leggings. 

“I’ll wear a sweatshirt with sweatpants or leggings depending on what I have planned for the rest of the day.” 

“I love throwing on a graphic t-shirt from my wardrobe and wearing it with leggings that I can wear all day long.”


Education work from home outfit 1

Education work from home outfit 2

Suggested look: A clean shirt, sweater or hoodie will do the trick. Accessories are always welcome if you want! 

“For virtual classes I have been wearing a cardigan or hoodie and leggings. For my conferences I’ll dress my look up and I wear a tee and blazer or sheath dress.” 

“While we’re not physically in school right now, I have been wearing shirts and sweaters.” 


Fashion work from home 1

Fashion work from home outfit 2

Suggested look: Go with a blouse and tweed jacket if you feel like dressing up or keep it simple with a crew neck sweater and accessorize. 


“I’ve been sticking to crew neck sweaters. A lot of people have done that. For internal presentations I wear a blouse but no blazer.”

“I'll usually wear a blouse that's polished and elevated (some of my favorites have a bow detail around the neck, tulle, drapey sleeves, sometimes a ruffle, sometimes a plain T). Think cool but not stuffy and usually neutral colors or black. For more important or client facing meetings I'll always pair my top with a blazer or tweed jacket.”

“I’ll wear a cute jumpsuit, blouse with details or regular shirt paired with some sort of jacket - usually denim, leather or a fun blazer. Showing up put together demonstrates that I care and sets the tone for my team.”


Finance work from home outfit 1

Finance work from home outfit 2

Suggested look: Grab a clean blouse. Pair it with a blazer or keep the blazer in reach. Take note of what colleagues above you are wearing. If the video conference dress code is more casual, stick wearing a blean blouse. 

“I work in Investment Banking and my go-to outfit for internal meetings is always a crewneck sweater on top or blouse and anything comfy on bottom (leggings, sweats). A lot of our seniors have been pretty casual (lots of grown beards, tshirts, baseball caps) so I consider it safe for juniors to relax. On bottom, I’ll wear solid colored leggings.”

“I always wear a plain blouse (with a blazer on or over my chair).”


Government work from home outfit

Suggested look: You can’t go wrong with a white crisp button down shirt with jeans. If it’s cold in your house, add a sweater over the button down shirt to complete the look.

“White oxford shirt, sweater and dark jeans - always.”

“My go-to is a button up black silk long sleeve blouse with gym shorts on bottom. Sometimes I’ll swap the gym shorts for jeans or leggings.” 

Information Services:

Information services work from home outfit

Suggested look: Enjoy dressing casual with a solid color t-shirt and leggings. For an extra dose of polish, throw a loose cardigan on over the t-shirt. 

For internal team meetings I will rock a plain black or white t-shirt and maybe dress it up with a scarf or cardigan. For bottoms I prefer to wear leggings rather than sweatpants. The leggings make me feel slightly more put together and are comfier than jeans.”


Law work from home outfit

Suggested look: Keep it professional. Pair a structured black blazer with a white or cream top, accessorize with simple jewelry. Avoid patterns, stripes and plaid. If you know your firm is more casual, trade the blazer for a cardigan. 

“As you might expect, we advise wearing a tailored jacket and solid color shirt underneath. The less distraction with patterns the better.  We don't care what you wear on the bottom, out of view of the camera.”

“I wear a white button down or basic blouse, sometimes with a cardigan layered over the top. I always keep it casual and comfortable on bottom - my go to is a pair of leggings.”


Philanthropy work from home outift

Suggested look: Grab a sweater and accessorize with a headband or jewelry! Simple, easy, classic. 

“There isn’t a formal dress code but I’ve noticed that myself and other women are wearing sweaters most days. I’ll wear headbands or earrings or little things to make a black sweater look more dressed up.”

Public Relations: 

PR work from home outfit

Suggested look: Throw on a neutral sweater and accessorize with earrings and a layering necklace for an easy and clean look. Keep a blazer or leather jacket on your chair.  

“I normally work in a turtleneck or sweater because I am always cold and they are so comfy. I like to have a blazer or leather jacket on the back of my chair. I like how layers break up the look. I did this pre-quarantine and still have kept it up. The structure mixed with the soft knit is the perfect combo when I want to dress up more.” 

“Easy for me. I wear a white long sleeve shirt and sweatpants, a cute matching loungewear set or workout clothes.” 

Real Estate: 

Real Estate work from home outfit

Pictured above - Suitably’s Keynote Dress

real estate work from home outfit 2

Suggested look: Remain professional in a neutral colored dress with sleeves. If dresses aren’t your thing, trade the dress for a sleek top that you’re comfortable in. Throw a sharp blazer or jacket over the top to complete the look. 

“I’ll usually wear black, navy or light blue sheath dresses or sweater dresses. I keep it simple and polished.”

“My go to is a white oxford button up dress.” 


 startup work from home outfit 1

Pictured above - Suitably’s 24/7 Blazer

startup work from home outfit 2

Suggested look: Grab your favorite sweatshirt or t-shirt and you’re good to go. If you have an important meeting, pair your favorite sweater with a black blazer for a polished look. 

“My go-to Zoom outfit is a cozy sweatshirt (currently loving tie dye) and leggings on bottom in preparation for a midday workout.” 

“As a founder, I’ll wear comfy sweaters or sweats for internal meetings and a layering T or turtleneck with a blazer for meetings with investors or any virtual speaking event that I am giving.”

Sometimes I'll wear jeans & a t-shirt or a jumpsuit other times I’ll be wearing sweats/ leggings or a cute blouse. Our dress code is flexible but I still like to pull myself together for zoom calls.”


tech work from home outfit

Suggested look: Clean looking tops (casual or business casual depending on who you are meeting with) and add a structured cardigan that will keep you sharp. 

“My video conference dress code is informed by who I am meeting with. Executive level, I’ll wear a business casual dress top and statement earrings (so it looks like I tried). All other meetings are super casual. I wear nice sweatshirts or a casual top paired with simple, small earrings.”

“I wear a long sleeve black shirt and black sweat pants.” 

“I love keeping it trendy and comfy. My favorite video conference look is a clean fitted top + any pair of pants with a lot of stretch.”

In Conclusion

Now that you’re all dressed up for your Zoom meeting, don’t forget to test how you look before joining the video call. Don’t see your industry here? Email us at to share your WFH video conference outfit with us and we’ll add it to the list.