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Kyle Garcia, Founder and Designer at Kyle Cavan

The Basics:

Name: Kyle Garcia
Age: 34
City: New York
Company: Kyle Cavan
Role: Designer/ Founder
Industry: Jewelry / Retail 
Education: Duke University 
College Major: History

What drew you to the field that you work in?

An idea led to everything I do on a day to day basis but it helps that I love design and got to explore that creative outlet while building a company. 

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you were entering the workforce? 

That everyone would be “ just figuring it out” for a couple of years. You are not alone. 

What skills are most important in your field? What do you look for in employees?

Adaptability, as entrepreneurs or when working at a startup you need to have an understanding that you will wear many hats. There is no such thing as a typical day or an accurate job description. 

What was the best piece of career advice you ever received?

“Ask lots of questions/ have an ask”. I believe most people are inclined to help if they know what you are looking for from them. I can’t tell you how much time and energy I would have saved if I had been more comfortable asking questions and asking for help early on. 

What do you wear on a daily basis to the office? 

Black jeans, sambas, a silk top, lots of layered necklaces and studs. This is very much my go to  outfit in the office, traveling or on weekends. 

What’s your go-to power outfit? (i.e., what do you wear when you want to feel confident and powerful at work?) 

I love blazers and scarves. My day to day outfit of black jeans and silk tops is pretty consistent but the blazers, shoes and scarfs I wear are what I use to feel great. 

What is the biggest clothing faux pas you’ve seen a candidate wear during an interview? 

I would always recommend that overdressing is better. Also all candidates need to know their audience. What would fly in an interview at a startup is not what you should wear to a corporate interview. 

Parting Wisdom:

What was your first job?

Sales Rep at IBM

Who is one woman you look up to?

My Mom

What’s the best book you read recently?


What one item should every young professional have in her closet?

A black blazer ;)

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