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3 Free Workouts on Instagram Live That Will Keep You Coming Back for More

How to keep yourself busy

If you’re sitting at home looking for new ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Many of us have been quarantined for close to a month by now and we’re running out of ideas to keep ourselves occupied. Somehow watching TV has become boring, you’ve already completed your work for your free online courses, and you’re tempted to start happy hour early, again. 

At home workout classes are exactly what you need to keep yourself busy. Whether you are looking to switch up your workout routine or just starting to exercise again, moving your body is key to staying positive during this time.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve streamed many free workouts on Instagram live and rounded up our favorites below. Proceed with caution, you might get addicted!

Health House: Burns so good

Instagram: @health_house
Live: Mon-Fri at 8am PST, Sat-Sun at 9am PST 

If you’re looking for a high energy class that will test your limits and tone your body, Health House’s Instagram live classes are perfect for you. Each instructor’s energy is contagious and motivates you to squeeze in that extra rep just when you think you can’t do any more. These daily HIIT classes target different muscle groups each daycheck their new schedules published weekly for a breakdown of each class. 

Forward Space: Dance like nobody's watching

Instagram: @forward_space
Live: M,W,F at 2:05pm EST 

If you need to let loose and don’t want to workout in the traditional sense, these dance classes are what you’re looking for. Join the digital dance party to move your body, sweat it out and have fun! If you miss dancing with your friends or you’re too shy to dance in public, unlock your inner athlete and artist with their easy to follow moves. 

Bandier: Choose your adventure 

Instagram: @bandier
Live: Daily at 4pm EST 

Bandier teamed up with fitness instructors to stream live IG workouts each day. If you’re looking for some versatility, Bandier has got you covered. Workouts range from pilates to yoga to toning classes and much more. Check out their schedule at the beginning of the week and pick the classes that interest you. 

No matter which class you choose, make sure to give your body a little extra TLC after the workout by rolling out or stretching. Your body will thank you tomorrow!

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