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What Colors Do I Wear for Business Formal?

We know you’ve definitely asked yourself the question: what’s the difference between business formal and business casual? In short, business formal means wearing both suit separates, while business casual only requires one! (For a longer answer check out: Breaking Down Dress Codes). 

But we also always find ourselves asking what colors are we “allowed” to wear for business formal? We’re sure you have the same question, so we thought to uncomplicate it for you. Here are our Suitably approved business formal colors. 

The Basics: White & Black

You can never go wrong with a white and black ensemble. Throwing on a the 24/7 Blazer with the Suite Skirt with a crisp white button down underneath makes for a timeless masterpiece. You’ll never second guess yourself in an outfit like this. Black suiting means you’re ready for business, while a white blouse lets you add your personality to the look as you can choose from many styles. We know it’s business formal, but you can still feel like you. Whether you choose a black dress, white blazer, or a white blouse with black detailing, these two colors should be your go-to. Also, don’t forget to throw a lint roller in your bag in case your black suit needs some help!

Neutrals: Beiges and Greys

This colorway is perfect for springtime when you want to dress for the weather. Luckily, they’re still business formal approved. A beige pantsuit paired with a white or black blouse is a powerful, yet professional look. This color combination will also help to brighten up your complexion and brighten your days. We also love a grey blouse underneath a black suit for a timeless statement. The only tricky part about these colors is to make sure they don’t wash you out! Always pick a neutral color that is a different shade than your skin tone to ensure that doesn’t happen. Staying neutral also means staying professional. They’re the perfect colors if you’re someone who doesn’t want to wear dark colors like black because they wash you out.

Pop of Colors: Navy, Burgundy, and Hunter Green

Business formal is a hard category to dress for, especially because you often feel like you’ve lost your personality in your outfit. But, there are a few colorful ways to bring your personality in your looks in a professional way with colors such as navy, burgundy, and hunter green. We recommend only using these three colors because they’re on the darker side and do not make you stick out like a sore thumb in your workplace. You’ll stay professional by throwing on a navy pantsuit, a burgundy sheath dress, or a hunter green blazer. These simple colors are fun, yet tasteful. Remember, staying simple is the easiest way to stay professional, but who says simple has to be colorless?

Workwear no longer has to be complicated. Whether it’s our Suitably Capsule Collection or our Well Suited posts, we strive to make getting dressed for work painless. Now the next time you’re dressed in business formal, you can focus on your presentation instead of stress about the color you’re wearing :)