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Why Every Woman Needs at Least One Black Blazer in Her Wardrobe

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You roll out of bed, drag yourself towards your closet, and prepare to replace your well-worn PJs with something a bit more presentable

And then, it all takes a turn for the worse. Somehow, despite seemingly having a closet full of options, you. have. nothing. to. wear. 

We get it—it happens to the best of us. But, at the same time, there’s a simple way to curb the get-dressed-and-get-out-the-door drama: invest in one go-to black blazer. 

No matter where you work or where you head after-work, having at least one blazer in your wardrobe will save you from these closet-side battles. But, to us, it’s so much bigger than that—a timeless blazer should be the cornerstone piece in your work-day wardrobe. Here’s why:

#1. A Black Blazer Elevates Any Outfit

A simple, clean-cut black blazer is the perfect remedy for any outfit that needs a little boost. Stepping out in a button-up? Top it off with that perfect black blazer and you look like the total pro you are. Still all about those skinny jeans you’ve had since sophomore year? Pair them with your blazer and you’re the perfect mix of casual and confident. You can even layer a blazer with a hoodie for an edgier look ideal for low-key casual Fridays. 

No matter how you style it, your blazer will be the pull-it-together piece that brings any and every outfit together.

#2. Classic Black Blazers Work with any Personal Style

While blazers were once reserved for the C-suite and other suit-and-tie professionals, that trend couldn’t be farther from fact today. Now more than ever, blazers are as common in casual settings as they are in corner offices. Case in point: the endless Instagram influencers sporting chic black blazers with cropped tops and biker shorts. Or the celebrities that rock a striped blazer with a graphic band tee? We love it. 

And while you’ll no doubt see the traditional blue-and-black blazer options driving these trends, you’ll also see a ton of bold, bright options—think blazers red, hot pink, floral, plaid, neon yellow and lots more. Loving that trend as much as we are? Go for it. But first, make sure you’ve got that foundational black blazer in your wardrobe first. While a red or cobalt blue blazer will turn heads, you’ll get a ton more mileage out of a classic black blazer—so start there. Then, have at it—as your office wardrobe evolves, no doubt your blazer collection will, too. 


#3. Black Blazers are Functional and Timeless

Fun fact: blazers were originally adopted by rowing teams at Oxford and Cambridge to keep warm during early morning races and chilly training days. You may not be on a rowing team, but I’m sure you appreciate not freezing your arms off on your morning commute. 

That’s another serious perk—beyond the style side of things, blazers are the ultimate in style-meets-function. What other go-to pieces do you have in your wardrobe that actually do double duty—they look chic and keep you warm, too? Exactly… 

The bottom line: you need a black blazer—and that’s why we designed The 24/7 Blazer. Suitably’s black blazer is perfect for your weekly rotation and guarantees you’ll always have something to wear. The fit is exceptional and design is ideal for anything from all-business to casual Fridays to weekend brunch. Mix it up by adding a few unique items from your wardrobe, whether it’s a graphic t-shirt, on-trend pattern, gold layering necklaces or some other finish that’s 100% “YOU.” But armed with Suitably’s black 24/7 Blazer, you’ll be able to instantly pull together look after look, effortlessly transitioning from work to whatever comes next without missing a beat—and that’s always in style.

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