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Why Power Dressing Is a Power Move and Tips to Look and Feel Your Best

Each time I watch The Devil Wears Prada, I feel a little twinge. Not because I assisted Anna Wintour in a previous life but, like Anne Hathaway’s character Andy, I had a lot of self-doubts early in my career. I felt like one day I would nail it, but then the next day I would fall apart. 

Fortunately, my transformation started with a great pair of shoes. 

You remember the moment Stanley Tucci hands a disheveled Andy some Manolos and ... .voilà. Andy transforms from an unstylish, timid woman to a fashionista force plowing through every bump in the road. Like Andy, I found my self-confidence through, surprisingly, a pair of shoes. With the right footwear, I started to walk the walk. 

woman walking across street

The POWER of Power Dressing 

Granted, success in the workplace—or anywhere—is about a lot more than some chic shoes. I get it and (spoiler alert) Andy gets it, too. Your power doesn’t just come from looks alone—YOU act differently when you power dress.

woman posing in street

Looking sharp helps me feel sharp. Not only will you feel and look great, but people will take notice of what you wear. You may be surprised at how much first impressions matter. For example, three in five hiring managers say they notice a candidate’s shoes. In other words, your future boss could judge you in a matter of seconds. 

The takeaway: power dressing can be the tipping point between your goals versus the sidelines. Now, the big question: how to dress for power dressing? 

Simple Steps for Power Dressing Like A Pro 

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1) Look for fit and comfort: The last thing you want to do is fumble with an itchy sweater or skimpy skirt. While we don’t mean joggers and oversized-tee comfy, opt for apparel that empowers you from dawn to dusk . 
    2) Show your personality: Make sure your power pieces reflect you! While you want to look professional, (even if a crop top looks great doesn’t mean that your colleagues want to see your stomach), you can elevate your power outfits with subtle details, such as a fun scarf or patterned tights. 
      3) Don’t forget the shoes: Whether strutting in 4” pumps or dainty ballerina flats, we applaud any footwear that won’t leave you limping to your 4:00 meeting. 

        4) Don’t fear color: You’re not restricted to head-to-toe black! If you love those blue suede booties, add them! Leather leggings? Why not? Just be sure to have enough work-appropriate pieces to empower you from 9 to 5.

        5) Go for classics: Can’t get a feel for the dress code? Stick with the basics! Build your wardrobe with our Starter Kit for pieces readily available to dress up or down. 

          Wearing clothes that make you feel smart and strong, you feel the true power in power dressing. Throw on your best outfit and show everyone that you’re ready to take on the world with radiating confidence.